Today’s society causes many people to suffer great anxiety when it comes to finding a partner. The problem with such people is that once they find a partner, they continue with such anxiety , causing serious relationship problems.
The causes for this can be several, from a lack of self-esteem and insecurity quite important to the pain suffered by some type of past breakdown.

The anxiety caused by finding a partner

People are human beings who need to establish a relationship with other people. Having a partner is not something easy, and it is normal that conflicts and fights can occur. Each person who is part of a relationship will have their strengths and defects, and fears, which usually lead to conflicts within the couple.
The couple consists of putting it in some way as a kind of therapy, in which both people get to know each other and strengthen said relationship. However, fears and a certain vulnerability within the couple make many people suffer such anxiety, either to find a partner or within it.
The dreaded anxiety can also be caused by certain past relationships that did not end too well. This provokes certain fears that give rise to anxiety either when looking for a partner or within a new relationship.

What is this anxiety about?

People who suffer from such anxiety suffer from it because their self-esteem largely depends on their partner’s behavior and conduct. In this way, if the partner behaves in an inappropriate way, anxiety and fears begin to appear. The happiness of the person depends at all times on his partner. If everything goes well, self-esteem is strengthened, while if the partner is bad, self-esteem is weakened, generating anxiety and insecurity.

How to avoid such anxiety

To avoid such anxiety , the person must become emotionally independent from his partner. Well-being cannot depend on another person, but on oneself. Thanks to this, confidence and self-esteem gain whole, and anxiety to have a partner disappears.
But becoming independent from the affective point of another person is not an easy or simple process. This does not mean that a relationship with another person is not established, but that it is not possible to depend on the same effectively and emotionally. The important thing when it comes to finding a partner is that you can be happy for yourself and that such happiness does not depend on the behavior of the other person in the relationship. From here, both self-esteem and self-confidence must be worked on conscientiously.
Anxiety about finding a partner or already having one is a serious problem that can ruin any relationship. The key to overcoming such a problem is to be able to avoid an effective dependence within the relationship itself. You cannot depend on the other person in everything, and for this, you have to work on both self-esteem and self-confidence.
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