Is it possible to impress a girl in an instant? The answer is found in non-verbal communication, specifically in body language and appearance, which is often not considered a fundamental component.


It doesn’t mean spending a lot of money, it doesn’t mean dressing up, and it doesn’t mean dressing the same as everyone else.
Dressing in an attractive way means finding your style, expressing masculine energy in a relaxed way, it means dressing well but giving the impression of not having calculated anything.

What is the correct mental attitude to dress well and impress a girl in this way?

The correct mental attitude is, “I dress in an attractive way because I like it that way, it’s my style. I do not mind impressing others, what is important is the relationship I have with me, if I feel well dressed in a certain way, I will have positive results, in seduction, and life.”


We are going to see a series of reasons to dress in an attractive way:

Simplify seduction

At the precise moment, a woman looks at you, she already has the idea that you are handsome, you have already managed to impress her! When you talk to her, you have already impressed her, you just have to confirm the idea she has of you!

It makes your life easier

Seduction, relationships with other people, work and life, improve depending on the image you convey. So it is not a question of how to impress a girl, if it is not a question of how to impress everyone and relate better to others.

It’s pretty easy

It is not difficult to improve your wardrobe to impress a girl, it is enough to have the right information and the desire to do so.

It distinguishes you from the mass

You show that you have your own style and you stand out from the crowd, you show yourself to be a person with your own personal tastes, and for this reason, impressing a woman is very useful.

Put the past away

Improving one’s appearance is a way to send a message to your brain: “I am changing, all the attitudes that I had without social skills now no longer exist. This is me now, a new person, who positively impresses the girls”.

Improve your self-image

When you dress well, you feel better, your inner game improves, women feel it, and it is easier to impress them positively.
Of course, you shouldn’t base your self-esteem on your wardrobe, because that would be a mistake. Instead, a healthy approach to the issue is useful, that is, finding the right way to express your character and your energy also through the wardrobe.
It’s a way for girls to flirt with you