8 Tips to Help You Ace Your First Date

Going on a first date with someone can feel like walking on a tightrope. Knowing you have to take every step with caution, without even knowing the final outcome can be nerve wracking. You could have a million questions running through your head causing you to panic. Will the other person be into me? What if they are not what I expected? How do I make a great first impression? We hit it off on the first date, now what? These are all common questions people could potentially have about a first date, you are not alone in your thinking, but that’s half the fun of a first date!  There are a few tips and tricks to help your first date go smoothly and one you will remember.

1). Be on Time

We can not stress this enough BE ON TIME! There is nothing worse than being late for a first date. You don’t want to give the other person the impression that you are always running behind schedule. Give yourself more time than you think you need to prepare for that first date. If you are meeting them somewhere, arrive five or ten minutes earlier than the time you two chose to meet. 

2). Put Your Phone Away

Those notifications that keep vibrating your phone can wait. There will be some awkward silent moments on your first date, that’s to be expected. Refrain from pulling out your phone to fill that silence. Ask a question like, “Are you enjoying yourself so far?”.

3). Don’t Over Complicate Things

A first date has so much uncertainty involved with it. Do not over complicate things by trying to plan the perfect day followed up by a romantic dinner. Instead, keep things simple like grabbing a cup of coffee or going out for a drink. After all, in this short time you could figure out if the other person is someone you would like to go on another date with later on down the road.

4). Prepare Yourself for First Date Conversations

If you had a first time meeting with someone important in your workfield, you would take the time to prepare yourself for the meeting. A first date with someone new should be no different. Think about potential conversation starters to engage with your date and get to know them. On the other hand, think about some questions they might have for you and be prepared to answer them. 

5). Listen Listen Listen

Everyone loves to talk about themselves. However, listen to what your date has to say. By listening carefully to what they have to say, allows you to answer accordingly. This is a great strategy to help minimize that awkward silence that was previously mentioned. Also, if they talk about something that interests you, ask some follow up questions to engage in the conversation. Letting them know you care and are interested in what they are saying will promote more conversation. By listening, you can also find out if your date is someone you could see yourself with in the future. 

6). Be yourself

Your date wants to get to know you for who you are. Don’t have the mindset of them judging you for something you enjoy. Dating in the 21st Century is all about finding someone that brings you happiness, and being able to make them happy in return. Stay true to yourself and let them know who you are. 

7). Have Fun

A first date is supposed to be about having fun. Of course, meeting someone for the first time is going to make you nervous. Having realistic expectations and staying true to yourself on your first date makes all the difference. By doing that, you have nothing to fear about going on a first date. Who knows, maybe you will find true love on your first date with someone new!

8). UnFiltered App’s Date Planning Tool

One of the many awesome features included in the UnFiltered App includes the Date Planning Tool. The in app date planner takes the similar interests between a match of users and suggests a meeting place of a fun activity both people will enjoy. Whether that be dinner at a restaurant, or enjoying a relaxing day at the spa. One person can suggest a date, place and time. When the invite is accepted by the other person, it will send confirmations, update their phone calendar, and provide GPS directions on the day of the date. This feature makes it so easy to help you plan your first date, helping real people find real love. 

Photo Credit: Ask Men/ Blue Ocean Strategy/ Men’s Health 

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