How to Spot A Catfish: Online Dating

 Catfishing in the online dating world has become a real issue that many users have experienced. What is a catfish? A catfish is someone who sets up a fake profile and portrays themselves as someone they are not. Whether their motive is to lure someone in for money or looking to find love, the harsh reality is innocent people trying to find love become victims of these schemes. With the online dating world becoming much more common in the last few years, catfishing has started to become a much bigger problem.

Catfishing serves no place in the online dating world. Most users on dating sites are truly trying to find real love. A couple tactics catfishers use are uploading fake pictures on their profiles and uploading false information about themselves. So how can you spot a person using a catfish account on online dating apps?

Search for Them Online

 If someone has set up an online dating profile, they most likely have other accounts on various social media platforms. If you search their name online and no results come up, this might be an early sign someone is trying to catfish you. Of course, not everyone has social media, but we live in a world today where social media is a part of our everyday lives.

 So you searched them up on social media and found them. Look out for the types of photos on their accounts. Catfishers tend to steal photos off the internet. Usually electing to choose photos that look like they are taken by a professional photographer. This could also be a red flag when trying to decide if the person you are talking to on the other end is indeed a catfish.

Are You Being Asked for Money

 It is very common for catfishers to ask you for money. They might ask you for a small amount of money first and gradually increase the amount the longer you guys talk. Oftentimes, they will word it to make it sound like it benefits you. An example of this could be asking for the money to fill up gas to come meet you.

A common motive of catfishers is to ask for money. Of course you want to be generous but you need to think about your best interest, especially if you have never even met the person you are talking to.

Have You Seen Them Face to Face

 Have you ever seen this person’s face other than on their profile? Even if they live in another state or even country, there are so many ways to talk online now. Platforms like Skype, Facetime and even Zoom make it very easy to video chat with someone.

If they are avoiding showing their face, this could be an early sign something isn’t right. If possible, it is in your best interest to try and set up a face to face meeting early on in your interactions with this person.

What if they inform you their camera is broken, hindering them from showing you who they are. It could for sure be taken as an alarm.

Listen to What They Have to Say

Does what they say match their profile? You can ask about hobbies or interests they might have. Do a double check and see if these are listed on their dating profile.

If things they are telling you seem too good to be true, really think about it. Look for inconsistencies in their stories, if something alarms you, ask more about it. This is a fantastic opportunity to make sure you are talking to a real person and not a catfish posing to be something or someone they really are not.

How the UnFiltered App Helps You Avoid a Catfish

UnFiltered uses a 8-point verification that authenticates the identity and footprint of the person before assigning a “Verified” seal to an account. This helps you ensure you are indeed matched with someone who is really who they say they are on their profile. Within the app, the photos on your profile are taken from within the UnFiltered’s camera to ensure the photos are real and unedited. There is no uploading photos from your camera roll or the internet. Another key feature within the app allows people who have matched to video chat in the UnFiltered App. This protects both people from having to exchange personal information such as phone numbers. All the features you would need to explore the relationship are built into the app making things easy for you. The faster we can get to being UnFiltered and real, the better for everyone!


Photo Credit: Medium/ How-To-Greek