So this whole #CatfishChallenge trend is right up our alley, literally.  For those of you who don’t know, a “catfish” is someone who sets up a fake profile and portrays themselves as someone they are not.  Whether their motive is to lure someone in for money or looking to find love, the harsh reality is innocent people trying to find love become victims of these schemes.  We have created the UnFiltered Dating app to rid this common tactic, but we’ll get back to that later.  Anyway, thank you to 22-year-old Australian TikToker @moldogaa for unknowingly starting the Catfish Challenge which has already amassed over 409 million views and counting!  Have you seen it?  Check it out below!

@moldogaalol #fyp♬ I cannot believe this blew up – moldoga

Let’s be honest, it’s likely most people have filtered photos for social media but this TikTok challenge is revealing to say the least!  Some of your favorite influencers who seem to have the “perfect life” or look like “perfection” daily are giving you a real glimpse of what their life really is by revealing their real faces behind picture-perfect selfies.  And guess what- they’re normal just like the rest of us!  If you have been a victim of “catfishing” in the past then you’re probably really loving this new viral trend!

With extreme makeup and filters, it’s possible to change your appearance so much on the internet that you can look totally unrecognizable, creating a fictional online persona – and that’s called being a ‘catfish’.  This is one of the main reasons the UnFiltered app was created.  Our “no upload” function is pretty unique in the dating app space.  With the goal of helping Real People find Real Love, revealing your genuine self is pretty important as is for your potential match.  No worries though, you can still upload filtered selfies to our lifestyle feed, just not to your profile.

There are a couple ways to detect if you’re dealing with a catfish.  One way is by doing your own research.   If someone has set up an online dating profile, they most likely have other accounts on various social media platforms. If you search their name online and no results come up, this might be an early sign someone is trying to catfish you. Of course, not everyone has social media, but we live in a world today where social media is a part of our everyday lives.  Unfortunately, one common trait for catfish is to be immensely kind to their victims to a point of feeling vulnerable, and then guilt them into giving them money.  This is a huge red flag!  Another warning sign is if they are avoiding showing their face.  There are so many opportunities to be able to utilize video chats whether it be Zoom, FaceTime, etc.  They should want to see you as much as you want to see them, so if they’re not wanting to video chat, there’s a high chance it’s because they don’t want you to see who they really are.

There’s one easy way to avoid the worry of a catfish altogether- download the UnFiltered Dating app.  In addition to our in-app camera and no uploads feature, we also have a verification system to authenticate our users. UnFiltered uses an 8-point verification that authenticates the identity and footprint of the person before assigning a “Verified” seal to an account. This helps you ensure you are indeed matched with someone who is really who they say they are on their profile.

We are really enjoying this catfish challenge trend, but more importantly, we love that it’s inviting a new sense of authenticity to TikTok and other social platforms.  Turn off your Snapchat filters and be your genuine self! Self-love is important, and we are here to claim it.  If you are seeing to find real, genuine people, download the UnFiltered app!

Let’s just be the best version of our Real Selves. No Filters, No Catfishing, No Fake Profiles.

Real People, with Real Lives looking for Real People with Real Lives!



Source Credit:  Bored Panda