Whether you just started dating someone yesterday or have been dating your significant other for years now, the holiday season can be such an exciting time for a dating pair. There are so many festivities, get-togethers, wonderful meals, and so much more going on around this time of year. The holiday season tends to put people in fantastic moods and everyone seems so joyful.  With that being said, it is impossible to escape the amazing feelings of love, contentment and the joy brought upon us throughout the holiday season. Taking a stroll through the twinkling lights that illuminate houses up and down the street, the giving and receiving of meaningful gifts, or snuggling up by the fire watching your favorite holiday movie and enjoying a hot chocolate. 

On the other side of things, there are two kinds of single people- those happy to not deal with the holidays and additional stress dating during these times can bring, or those that are feeling especially vulnerable and lonely.  If you’re yearning for the latter, we are here for you.  Luckily, the warmth and joy the holiday season brings can spark singles to find real love using the Unfiltered App. Studies have shown that one in five new relationships begin on dating apps. UnFiltered makes it incredibly easy for you to get out there and find love without having to worry about catfishes that riddle other dating apps. 

One of the many awesome features included in the UnFiltered App includes the Date Planning Tool. The in-app date planner takes the similar interests between a match of users and suggests a meeting place of a fun activity both people will enjoy. Whether that be dinner at a restaurant, or enjoying a relaxing day at the spa. One person can recommend a date, place and time. When the invite is accepted by your match, it will send confirmations, update their phone calendar, and provide GPS directions on the day of the date. This feature makes it easy to help you plan your first date, helping real people find real love.

Holiday GiftingActivity ideas are limitless around the holidays. The holiday spirit brings out many fun outings that are only around for a short period of time around this part of the year. Many neighbors get all hands on deck for Christmas light decorations and really enjoy putting on a show. A perfect holiday date would be getting all bundled up and walking around a decorated neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. Observing Christmas lights is a great idea for a first date during the holiday season or even an easy stress-free activity to do after a long work day with your significant other. A few other activities to be considered this holiday season could be ice skating, watching a holiday show or play or even building a gingerbread house. 

The holidays can be extremely stressful on new relationships and even long-term relationships. One helpful way to alleviate the stress is to have good communication with one another. It is a fantastic idea to set expectations for holidays to make things go as smoothly as possible. Whether that be decided on how the exchanging of gifts should be done or meeting one another’s relatives, these should be talked about and decided on beforehand. 


Go Easy on the Gifts

A large part of the holiday season is the gifts. Ultimately, these can be super tough waters to navigate when just settling into a new relationship. Do not feel obligated to go over the top with gift giving. The holidays are not all about the gifts, rather the experience. Elect to get a small gift or even a card if the relationship is new. Steer clear of jewelry or large, expensive gifts, as it very well could send the wrong message to your new partner. If you decide to exchange gifts, maybe consider buying tickets to an activity for the both of you to attend, or even a nice bottle of wine is never a bad idea. The exchanging of gifts does not need to be overcomplicated, so make sure to keep it as simple as possible. 


Setting Expectations

Dating during the holidays is a common theme. Many new couples get the chance to introduce their partner to their family members during the festivities. This can be an extremely stressful time for new couples trying to find love. A good idea is to make sure you know your partner well before bringing them home or to a gathering with friends and families. First impressions are a whole deal, and you want to make sure you can capitalize on this opportunity for your family and friends to approve of your partner. With that being said, don’t let this scare you from bringing your partner around this holiday season. Be confident and have faith that a strong connection will be formed between your significant other and your family

Be Yourself

The giving of gifts during the holiday season can be one of the best ways to help express your interest. Also, going on dates and doing activities you enjoy is anothergreat way to show your partner your hobbies and interest. Take these things into consideration when planning for the upcoming holiday season. The holidays can help you out tremendously with your partner and take your experiences to the next level. If you are single, now is the time to get out there and begin your journey on the UnFiltered App. 


So what is this UnFiltered App all about? Most women and men we interviewed had one complaint in common, rarely does someone look like they do in their profile pictures. In the UnFiltered App, all images and videos used for someone’s profile can only be taken from the In-App camera. The App itself has no upload ability. So what does this mean? It’s simple, it means you don’t have to waste time on bots or fake profiles. Do you want to meet Real People? Download the UnFiltered App today!