Gift shopping for your partner can be extremely difficult, especially if you just jumped into a new relationship. Should you get them something romantic, or is that weird if you have only been dating for a short time? Is getting a gift with an experience attached to it the way to go, or will they feel like you are dragging them along to make future plans with you? It can be a very stressful line to walk down, even for those people who are the best gift givers. 

Buying gifts for your partner can be extremely difficult, no matter what stage of the relationship you are at. Even if you have been dating someone forever, finding the perfect gift can be difficult to track down. Some people can just be super difficult to shop for. Ultimately, you want to find a gift that is something special and shows how much you love and care about your partner. 

Don’t worry too much about it; we’ve compiled a list of gift suggestions to help you get through the holiday season. These gifts could be for any stage of the relationship, whether you are still in that stage where your heart skips a beat every time your partner’s name pops up on your phone, or you no longer care about bedhead and morning breath. 

Keep the cost down

Going out and spending a bunch of money on gifts for the holidays in your new relationship may not be the best idea. An expensive gift could send the wrong message to your partner, and you want to try to avoid that in a new relationship. Instead of breaking the bank on one gift, elect to get a few smaller items that could have much more of a deeper meaning. The reality is that you want this relationship to last. There will be plenty of opportunities to splurge and buy your partner expensive gifts in the future. However, for now, gravitate towards a cheaper gift that is thoughtful for your new relationship. 

Be Thoughtful

Gift-exchanging in a new relationship should be fun, meaningful, and relatively inexpensive. This is a perfect time to show your appreciation for your partner. Use this time to show off that you pay attention to the things they like or dislike. We could use jewelry as an example. If your partner loves jewelry but you cannot afford a snazzy set of diamond earrings, go down the road of getting them a nice necklace or a charm bracelet with thoughtful charms. Not only is it more reasonable for a new relationship, it also helps keep the cost down during the holidays, which can begin to get very pricey. 

Opt for an activity

A great way to show your partner you care about them is by giving them a gift experience. This also signals that you would like to spend more time with them and enjoy their presence. If your partner is the adventurous type, for example, take them ice skating, skiing, or even go on a zip line tour. If your partner is the more romantic type, you could choose to take them to see Christmas lights, bundle them up with a warm hot chocolate, go star gazing, or even treat them to a charming candlelight dinner somewhere. These may seem like too much for your new relationship, if so, take a trip to a local museum or a comedy show. Both are great options. All these activities can send the right message and allow your partner to feel that you enjoy their company and think about them during the holidays. 

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Not all gifts have to be extravagant or expensive. Sometimes the most heartfelt gifts are those that took thought and time when making them. If you are low on funds from the holidays, write a cute poem about the both of you. If you have any artistic abilities, paint a picture your partner will like, or even convert your guy’s favorite picture into a painting you made. A wonderful gift idea for the crafty type would be a scrapbook with some adventures you two have gone on together. Make sure to add in some photos from those adventures, as well as cute little messages for your partner to refer back to whenever they would like to. The thought and effort you put into these gifts will not go unnoticed. It shows you truly care about them and want to make a keepsake item for your partner during the holidays. If this is the route you choose to go, Pinterest is your best friend and has tons and tons of perfect ideas. 

Think about timing.

Whether you have been on a couple of dates with your partner or have been in a relationship for three months, these are considered new relationships. There is a huge difference between two dates with someoneUnFiltered- Couple at Christmas and three months in a committed relationship. They are both so new, however, that it may be inappropriate to get a gift for them of a large caliber.

If you find yourself in this situation where you have been on a couple of dates, consider a small gift. A heartfelt written card and your partner’s favorite box of chocolates are more than enough. If it is a little more serious, maybe wrapping their favorite wine with a bow attached to it is also a great idea. 

Real Talk

Overall, you want to make sure your gift is thoughtful and shows you care about your partner without going overboard. In the early stages of dating, this can be tricky because you want to show how much they mean to you. A little goes a long way in this situation. Try to resist the temptation to flood their gifts with “I love you” messages all over the gifts or cards you choose to give them. At first, gravitate towards a simpler appearance until things start to become more serious in your relationship. Spending hundreds of dollars on a gift for a new relationship could send them a red flag, and that is the last thing you want to do in a new relationship. 

We understand that shopping for a new relationship during the holidays can be nerve-wracking, but it does not have to be. With a bit of thought and a few of these suggestions, you will be able to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. 

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