It’s pretty easy to say that people are proud of their hometown.  That is definitely the case here at UnFiltered.   UnFiltered was developed by a group of friends, one of which is local to the SBC.  But beyond being local, UnFiltered believes and supports the ideal of supporting community.  Whether it’s golf tournaments, film festivals, or events like the one we just hosted at Frozen Pirogue, UnFiltered hosts and sponsors such events to reward our users, but also to assist in the local economy and support small businesses.  Additionally, we are able to meet new people and grow our UnFiltered community and outreach.


Did you know that the concept of UnFiltered was born right here in Shreveport, LA?  A couple of friends met for dinner and drinks and, after listening to one of their horror stories about a recent catfish fiasco that had endured earlier that year (hopefully we will get her to share the full scoop soon), UnFiltered was born!  When we say we are not just another dating app, trust us, this concept is a well-developed one with an incredible amount of time and resources used to develop our key concepts into this industry.  Catfishing is real, and unfortunately it gets both the vulnerable and those that are experienced in the dating world.  Everyone is a potential victim.  This is why we allow only in-app uploads to your profile picture in the app and put each profile through an 8-point verification systems before verifying- if the user has the blue seal by their name they’ve been verified and your risk of being catfished is significantly minimized.  To protect your privacy, we incorporated the ability for in-app texting and video calls, so you have the option to share your personal information (such as your phone number) when you are ready.  Safety while using dating apps is one of the key reasons people opt out, and we are excited to have built a safe option to meet Real People online.

Sponsoring events and being a party of the establishment’s normal nightly routine gives us a chance to “buy you a drink” and explain these features, sometimes even introduce the app to you.  Plus, user feedback is critical to us!  We love getting out into the community and hearing what you love, maybe even hate, and especially testimonies on how UnFiltered helped so many find Real Love.  Partnering with establishments like Frozen Pirogue in Hurricane Alley in Bossier City, LA just makes it easy.  The vibe at Frozen Pirogue is always perfect and the owners and staff with just excited as we were to be a part of their night last Saturday.  They, too, have great vision, and we are excited to continue partnering with them for their upcoming plans in the near future.

Check out the video we put together and some of the pictures we took at the pop-up party.  Thanks to our current UnFiltered app users who met us out and to all the new ones we met.  Building our UnFiltered community is exciting, and we want to welcome you!  Stay tuned for many exciting events and features to come!  Meeting Real People and Real Love is the UnFiltered goal, and supporting small business and local economies is just a bonus in the process!


So what is this UnFiltered App all about? Most women and men we interviewed had one complaint in common, rarely does someone look like they do in their profile pictures. In the UnFiltered App, all images and videos used for someone’s profile can only be taken from the In-App camera. The App itself has no upload ability. So what does this mean? It’s simple, it means you don’t have to waste time on bots or fake profiles. Do you want to meet Real People? Download the UnFiltered App today!