A brand-new year is upon us, are you excited for all that 2022 is bound to bring?  A new year calls for new goals and resolutions and offers a fresh chance to improve yourself. Despite what your resolution may be, you should try to better yourself and improve your everyday life in the new year we are about to embark on. By now, chances are you have tried online dating at some point, whether that be through dating apps accessible on your smartphone or websites on your laptop. What happens to online dating on January 1st? You guessed it, a huge spike in online dating users. 

Online dating has become a huge phenomenon in today’s society.  In fact, using online platforms and dating apps is quickly becoming the  normal way to find relationships and friendships.  For those that are single and/or looking for new relationships, dating apps like UnFiltered are out there to assist in finding the companionship you are seeking!  Online dating apps and sites are super easy and efficient, you can be swiping left one minute and getting ready for your first date with another user ten minutes later. According to findings by Pew Research Center, 15 percent of adults reported using online dating sites or mobile apps last year. Personally, we think the numbers are a bit higher than shown because not everyone wants to admit they are an online dating user. 

Don’t let dating frustration for 2021 get you down, remember it’s a brand-new year!   Online dating apps make setting up profiles a piece of cake for any user.  Plus we have included features to make you feel secure and avoid pesky “catfish”.  Within the Unfiltered App, there are many unique features that are included when you are setting up your new dating profile. The Unfiltered App gives the user peace of mind by eliminating fake profiles with an 8-step verification process. Also, users are not given the opportunity to upload photos to their profile from their camera roll, or even worse, upload stolen pictures from the internet that resemble someone they are not.  When you match on UnFiltered you can be sure you are matched with a real person.

Online dating apps are the place to be in 2022. Dating apps see a huge spike in singles around the world at the first of the year. You are not the only one who wants to find real love with real people. Unfiltered gives you this chance to find the perfect partner, no matter who you are.  Furthermore, Valentine’s Day is roughly six weeks into the new year. Setting up your profile on a mobile dating app now boosts your chances to find a date for Valentine’s Day. 

Online dating can be stressful for many users for a variety of different reasons, but it doesn’t have to be with the UnFiltered App. UnFiltered eliminates the worries you may have about someone being a catfish and taking advantage of you. You can do all of your communication within the app with features such as messaging, video chats, and even plan a date together. These features help protect your privacy without having to give out any personal information to someone you do not know. All the tools are there for you to find a partner and set up a perfect first date, allowing you to find real love. 

Users profiles are tailored to all of your hobbies and interests, other users can view when they come across your profile. UnFiltered gives you the opportunity to add as much about yourself as you would like to give people a sense of whom you truly are. When viewing other users’ profiles, it is easy to see if they are someone you share common interests with and could see yourself as a match. 

Ultimately, if you are trying to find a partner heading into the new year, you should make sure you put some focus into online dating websites and mobile dating apps. You and so many singles will be flooding these apps come the first of the year. Remember, set up a profile other users would want to engage with and take the time to put effort into it. That will boost your chances to find the one you desire. Best of luck to all you singles out there and hopefully the new year can bring you true love. 



So what is this UnFiltered App all about? Most women and men we interviewed had one complaint in common, rarely does someone look like they do in their profile pictures. In the UnFiltered App, all images and videos used for someone’s profile can only be taken from the In-App camera. The App itself has no upload ability. So what does this mean? It’s simple, it means you don’t have to waste time on bots or fake profiles. Do you want to meet Real People? Download the UnFiltered App today!