Online dating users all have their own opinions on what should be included in your profile and some things you should leave out. The reality is that it can be very difficult for your profile to stand out when you are competing against millions of other users on dating apps. 

A great first impression on a dating profile is a must in order to help you get more dates. You have only a few seconds to impress another user who is viewing your profile before they swipe and see other single profiles. Setting up your profile with these helpful tips could be the deciding factor in your success in finding a successful relationship through online dating apps.

  • Include Photos That Are Realistic

Photographs are the first thing people see when they first come across your profile. You need to make sure you are using photos that   represent you and express who you are in a positive way. We understand that you may be unhappy with your current situation. However, do not lie in your photos or include things that don’t resemble you. You would be surprised at how many people like you for who you are rather than what you are pretending to be. The Unfiltered App has completely eliminated the possibility of catfish on the app. All the photos you see are taken from the camera that is in the app. Users are prohibited from editing photos or using any filters. That doesn’t mean you can’t look great! 


  • Keep it Short and Sweet

Nobody wants to know your whole life story the first time they find your profile. Be smart with your choice of words. Make sure to include the things that are important to you that you feel other users should know about. Include a fun fact or two, possibly even a few activities that you really enjoy doing. Another good idea is to make it fun and interesting. This will definitely increase your chances of getting more dates planned if people feel a connection based on the words you choose to use on your profile. 

  • Utilize the “NewsFeed” Feature on the UnFiltered App

Many users are uncomfortable about giving out their social media handles, so UnFiltered has designed a feature that allows people to essentially make a timeline where they can upload photos and send updates to people they have already matched with. This awesome feature provides the user with a chance to show off pictures of themselves participating in their favorite activities and includes a description of the photo. Also, the NewsFeed provides users with peace of mind, knowing that only people they have a mutual interest in can see their NewsFeed posts.

  • Include Photos of You Doing Activities That You Enjoy

We cannot emphasize this trick enough! Other users will see your hobbies and interests, and this will significantly boost your chances of finding more dates. Many users will see these photos and be more likely to match with you if they have common interests. Do not be afraid to show off things you enjoy; there is always someone out there who enjoys the same things. Your personalized NewsFeed in the UnFiltered App is a great way to show off these photos allowing you to upload as many as you please. Furthermore, it allows the people you have matched with to get a better idea of who you are and see the activities you thoroughly enjoy. 

  • Show Off Those Summer Pictures 

Most pictures taken during the summer show off fun activities and vibrant colors. Most people strive to be their best version of themselves during the summer months. Going to the beach and feeling confident in your outfit goes a long way towards boosting your confidence. If the beach is something that you really enjoy, those photos should be included on your NewsFeed so people can see those activities you enjoy when you match with each other. Even if it is winter, you can post to your NewsFeed and include a “Throwback Thursday” of your favorite memory from the summer months. 

  • Be Confident 

Showing off confidence in your profile goes a long way. Nobody wants to be with a partner who portrays negativity right off the bat. Try to avoid putting things you don’t like or things that don’t interest you on your profile. Someone who is pushing positivity on their profile can be contagious to other users.  Be positive and confident in your descriptions and this will lead you to securing more dates. 

  • Check Your Dating App on a Regular Basis

Being active and attentive to your matches is a very good look for people who are matched with you. When you take days or even worse, weeks, to respond to someone, it is not a good look on your part. If you are both showing mutual interest from the start, it will boost the chances of a connection forming, with the potential for more follow-up dates to take place. The UnFiltered App has many key built-in communication features such as in-app messaging and even video chat, so you can avoid giving out your contact information if that is something you don’t feel comfortable with. 


So what is this UnFiltered App all about? Most women and men we interviewed had one complaint in common, rarely does someone look like they do in their profile pictures. In the UnFiltered App, all images and videos used for someone’s profile can only be taken from the In-App camera. The App itself has no upload ability. So what does this mean? It’s simple, it means you don’t have to waste time on bots or fake profiles. Do you want to meet Real People? Download the UnFiltered App today! Home