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Jenae Noonan is a powerhouse that made it her life’s goal to was to try new things that would push her mentally, physically and encourage others to step out of fear and go after their dreams. Her journey started in 2006. She was climbing the latter of my professional boxing career when tragedy hit, and she broke my neck. Doctors told her that was the end of all physical activity as she would never be able to compete again. So, at that moment, she made it her life goal first to prove them wrong, and after she succeeded, to spend the rest of her life living the best life possible and encouraging others to do the same.

With a lot of hard work and dedication in 2012, she made Team USA and represented the States at the World Games. That year she took home a bronze and promised myself she would get even stronger to take the gold in 4 years. Once again, representing the USA, she kept her promise to myself, and in 2016 she took home the gold. Not only did she get the gold, but her win also secured the gold for the team.

After winning the gold she decided it was time to live other dreams and try new things. She went on to accomplish more.
She wrote a few books, her first best-selling book is called “Fighter: Living Life Like a Champion” In this book, she used her fighting experience to illustrate the fighter mentality to accomplishing any goal/dream and relate it to everyday life to give the reader a blueprint in achieving their dreams.

Her next best-selling book, “Victory: Stories From the Winners Circle,” took 11 women’s stories of overcoming incredible odds to become victorious in their lives. She founded Victory publishing so she could help other women become published authors.

She has a 501c3 nonprofit called Stay Safe. Stay Safe is an organization that teaches women and children basic safety skills to stay safe in their environment. Stay Safe also has a mentorship program that certifies women in basic self-defense techniques and allows them to create their own stream of income by teaching classes and seminars. She has taught safety and empowerment seminars all over the World.

She works with Pen and Napkin, another 501c3 that helps women leave homeless or domestic violence situations by completely furnishing their new homes. They help turn hopelessness into hope by turning an empty house into a beautiful home.

She joined the circus and learned aerial arts. She then helped a local aerial school build programs to help women in the community by teaching them programs to get them employment or employed women at their shows.

She gives motivational seminars all over the world and in 2000 she spoke at a seminar with Dr. Drew and Dr. Oz.
She is therapist that specializes in behavioral modification, and healing past trauma to help her clients live their best most fulfilled life possible.

She is a creative c that helps create strategy and accountability for her clients so they can create a road map to success and watch their dreams come to life.

She has a pod-cast called Fire-Fight, which is geared to teaching people how to be happy and work for their goals and dreams.

Jenae is a black belt in Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Pankration and Karate
In 2021 she made it a goal to compete in a triathlon. In her first ever triathlon she finished in 2nd place.

2022 is no exception to her trying new things as she is gearing up to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and learn to deep sea dive to plunge deep into the ocean.

Jenae Noonan is a constant reminder that all things are possible and you can achieve anything through all odds.