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Najah Roberts is the Founder, CEO of Crypto Blockchain Plug located in Inglewood, CA. She has spent 10+ years counseling thousands of inner-city youth, business professionals, athletes, and families. She hosts her daily radio show on Tavis Smiley’s KBLA 1580 Talk Radio.

She is Co-Founding The Black Wall Street Wallet alongside actor Hill Harper.

A highly gifted motivational speaker, educator, philanthropist, author, and leader in her community, Najah has made it her personal goal through her social influence to change narratives, raise bars, and set standards.

We talked to Najah about meeting her partner on a dating app and what that experience was like. Najah also shared in the most UnFiltered way what she was and was not willing to endure when it came down to the relationship between her partner and her kids. Her heartfelt sharing brought so much inclusion to those listening in as she spared no details in those struggles.

Najah was asked to on her thoughts about “filtered” profiles as it relates to both image identity as well as personality. Listen in on the interview by following UnFiltered on Instagram @unFiltered.love

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