Beverly Hills, California Nov 15, 2021 (  – UnFiltered- Dating App was a proud sponsor of the 2021 Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival held November 6, 2021at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills, California.  This was an event where UnFiltered Love Met the Arts.  UnFiltered is a dating app created for its users to be the best version of their Real Selves and meet Real People by eliminating uploads. The app limits profile media to uploads via its unique in-app camera and video function, thus dismissing the opportunity for “catfishing” and fake profiles in virtual dating.  Understanding the direct connection “love” has on the “arts”, was a perfect opportunity to blend an authentic partnership.

The prestigious 7th Annual Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival hosted attendees which included honored dignitaries from several countries and a packed audience of film & television executives from Hollywood who were all treated to an evening of live performances and the premiere of VINO ROYALE. This visually stunning ‘medium-sized film’ by acclaimed director Henning Morales and was produced by Dirt Merchant Films, a Beverly Hills Based production company focused on motivational, inspirational, and transformational stories, which additionally took home the award for Best Picture for a Movie Thriller. Other acclaimed awards included “George Floyd, Say Their Names”, winner of Best Documentary directed by Christopher R. Owens and Alyssa Dann.

Notable speakers included UnFiltered’s own co-founder, Genesis Assulin. Genesis is a driven visionary and progressive entrepreneur passionate about making a difference in the dating space. As quoted from her riveting address, “There has always been a finite juxtaposition between art and love. Our eternal search for meaningful love has led us down a path that filmmaking has been able to capture on-screen and as a Segway to our hearts.”

While being interviewed by Hollywood Weekly, UnFiltered’s founder Assulin further deepens her acknowledgment of the correlation of arts and love with the sentiment that, “…sponsoring the Arts is the catalyst of what the UnFiltered platform is built on- the expression of your true self through the eyes of the lens, as you are.”

The night closed with words of encouragement by Writer/ Director Henning Morales, creator of Dirt Merchants films.  Morales is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker and delivered words of advice encouraging new and established filmmakers alike to continue to make great films that incorporate innovation, great storytelling, and multi-level diversity.

“Once you begin to live your life UnFiltered, you too will believe that individuality and love are synonymous,” stated UnFiltered’s co-founder Assulin. Love and the arts made their “Perfect Match” at the Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival.